A downloadable game for Windows

Templar Secrets is a 2D puzzle platformer game concept about a templar finding the secrets of the Catholic Church. This game was made during the Global Game Jam 2016 in Brazil.


It's recommended to play using a Xbox controller.

Xbox Controller
Left Stick Move and Aim
A button Interact with objects and shoot
B button Jump and interact with main menu buttons
WASD Move and Aim
Space Shoot, Interact with objects and Activate the Crosshair


A game concept by:

Eliza Franco

Filipe Mateus

João Ricardo

Lucas Gutierres

Mateus Amaral

Matheus Avellar

Mauricio Leonardo

Thais Dias

Install instructions

1º - Extract Files.

2º - Execute the .exe.

3º - Enjoy the gameplay.


TemplarSecrets1.3.3.zip 10 MB